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  • Services Provided

    We aimed to streamline the everyday car maintenance experience including car wash, polishing, maintenance, towing and tire repair for emergencies.

  • Certified Car Workshops

    Locate nearby workshops on map based on your current location. You may make comparison of the nearby workshops based on ratings, comments and even distance.

  • Feeling Lucky

    If you do not want to go through the hassle of selecting the workshops, you can give a try on the feature ‘feeling lucky’. Simply fill in your prefer appointment time and let our system assign you to the nearby reliable workshops.

  • Interactive Parking Experience

    Send a notification of traffic police arriving and notify all your nearby drivers, helping each other for a fine-free day.

  • On Road Assistance

    Seek help from nearby drivers for emergency matters. One click and help is on the way.

  • Traffic Notification

    Collect the daily traffic notifications from all the drivers and categorize them into board information. You may view them anytime anywhere.

About OMyCar

Driving For Fun

First Car Servicing related O2O platform in HK

OMyCar is created to connect drivers (demand) and Car Workshops (supply) of the distribution chain in much more convenient and cost effective manner. In addition, it also allows the drivers to share traffic information in real time.

Our aim is to provide an one-stop service platform, allowing the drivers on road to have a better convenient experience.

For more details, please feel free to contact us at (852) 2576 4132.

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